The Baker’s Daughter by Sarah McCoy


Recently someone asked me if I had read The Baker’s Daughter. They were looking for a recommendation, but not having read it, I was unable to give one. Now, however, I can give it a good recommendation.

I enjoyed this book so much. You should probably read it.

Elsie Schmidt grew up in Nazi Germany during WWII. This is her story. But, not only hers because all of our stories are woven in and amongst the stories of those around us. Along with Elsie- the baker’s daughter, you will meet Nazi, Jew, sister, friend, daughter, border patrol agent, illegal alien. All will touch and enrich her life.

“People often miss things that don’t exist- miss things that were but are not anymore. So there or here, I’d still miss home because my home is gone.” I love the clear, honest thoughts that are brought out.

“Only God has enough of the story to judge our souls” So often, we judge without the right information. And we think it’s ok. But it’s not.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” -Edmund Burke. This was a clear theme of the book. Sarah McCoy tells us that we should not only act, but that we must be aware of what is going on. She shows us again that people would rather be ignorant of evil if it means that they don’t have to act in any way that would be harmful to their way of life. In your mind, you may be thinking that you’ve heard this story before. In fact, this is the same story you always hear in conjunction with the holocaust. But, she subtly asks each of us to look into our own hearts and see if we are actively ignoring the cries of those in peril around us.

I enjoyed this book. A lot. I would recommend it to everybody I know. I would recommend it to everybody. It was a fun read. And occasionally it made me think beyond simply having fun. Just the type of book I enjoy.


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  1. Ok … I just picked up the hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet, I can see now that I’m going to have to hop back onto my library website and place another order !! So many books … never as much time as I’d like to sit in the tub and read !!

  2. I definitely need to read this now. I love the quote about people missing things…about home being gone. What a great reminder to keep our eyes open to what matters and try to look at things differently than we normally do. This book is on my list to read!
    Love your reviews!!

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